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Karo Sambhav: School Program

Karo Sambhav: School Program aims at building awareness and inspiring students to act on recycling of e-waste (waste from old and unused electronic equipments). The program also enables development of 21st century skills amongst students including collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, social skills, ICT competences, self-direction, and planning. This is achieved through a specially designed curriculum, which  is mapped to existing subjects.

The Curriculum is designed in the form a toolkit, consisting of six exercises. These exercises provide exposure to students through various individual and group exercises. The exercises require students to develop collaboration skills by working with several stakeholders e.g.  parents, relatives, and communities to evaluate and consider the environmental impacts from existing lifestyles and take steps towards sustainable living. 

The program intends to initiate a new way of thinking in the way we live our lives and in the way, we buy, use and dispose different products. School time, being the formative years, is the best time to initiate this change in the thought process of individuals.

Rongjeng Technologies is coordinating the schools in all the eight state capitals of the NE region.

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